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Newsletter 2023-2024


Welcome Presentation Year 5

Home Learning 28.02.23

Please find attached some links to support your child with their home learning today. Please remember that Times Table Rockstars and Bug Club can also be used.

TT Rockstars

Active Learning

Lesson: To identify and recognise angles | Teacher Hub | Oak National Academy

Lesson: To explore the functions of fronted adverbials | Teacher Hub | Oak National Academy



Home Learning


Year 5 Learning Activities

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Spring 2 Newsletter


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We have just started our first Science topic in year 5 – Properties and Changes of materials which the children have loved! This week they began by sorting materials based on their properties. They then created their own riddle describing an object by their properties. See if you can guess which object these children are describing!




































Year 5 have had a fantastic start to this school year. They have all engaged brilliantly with their learning and have loved their first topic of Anglo-Saxons. They recently designed and created their own Anglo-Saxon village. They thought carefully about what an Anglo-Saxon village would need and used a variety of materials.


Year 5 2021-2022
































Home Learning


Year 5 Learning Activities

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YEAR 5- Autumn 2 2020/21

Year 5 have created some fabulous projects based on Anglo-Saxons. These are just a few examples of the fantastic work that has been brought in. All the children are itching to find out more! A big thank you to all of the families who supported the children with their projects.




For British Science week the Year 5 children became forensic scientists! They were tasked with finding the culprit of a theft. They used fingerprints, DNA and evidence to whittle down their suspects! They then had to decide on the punishment!



For their first Space lesson the children were exploring the relative size of the planets and the distance between them. They firstly predicted which of the circular objects represented each of the planets. They then used fact clues to put the planets in order. We then went outside to map out the distance between each planet. 1 metre was equivalent to 1 astronomical unit (150 million km!) with the furthest planet being 30m away!!

Having been inspired by their VR experience the children were then tasked with creating a Space themed project over the half term. Some of the outcomes were out of this world!


The Year 5 children have launched their new topic of Space! Before the holidays they had a Virtual reality workshop to hook them in! They each got to wear a VR headset and were rocketed away to Space where they saw all of the different planets and galaxies. They learnt about the distance between the planets and how many stars there are in our galaxy. They were truly blown away!

Spring 2 term 2020

The children also finished their Maths topic of fractions with a fun interactive activity! The children worked in teams to complete a fractions treasure hunt around the playground. They had to solve a variety of fraction questions to crack the code!




To finish off their fantastic learning journey of the Ancient Greeks the Year 5 children hosted a Greek day. They dressed up in their finest togas, competed in the Olympics, tasted traditional Greek food and designed and made some clay Greek pots and a Greek headdress! A fantastic end to learning! ?️



This half term the Year 5 children have been learning all about fractions in Maths. They have used practical equipment to help consolidate their understanding. This week they have been converting improper fractions and mixed numbers.




The Year 5 children have become geographers this week in Topic. They have been looking at how different mountains are formed and the features of those mountains. They completed practical activities to represent the formation of different mountain types including plateau mountains and dome mountains. They then worked in groups to identify the different features of a mountain linking this back to Mount Olympus in Greece. Finally, the children used their knowledge of coastal lines and land mass formations to identify where Mount Olympus sat on a variety of maps. ?️?



In Spanish this week, the Year 5 children completed a guess who activity using their knowledge of body parts and colour vocabulary. They had to walk around the room and match the correct picture to the Spanish description.



29 children in Year 5 had the most amazing residential last week at Ingleborough Hall. All the children took part in some daring activities including gorge scrambling, caving, tree climbing and orienteering. As well as the adventurous tasks, the children also showed how mature and independent they were by making their own bed, clearing and setting the tables and getting themselves ready for the day – they were a credit to the school!



Year 5 have built on their knowledge of chronology this week. They used everything they have learnt about the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to sequence key events based on pictures. They then had to choose what they thought were the three most significant events and justify their decision! Many children thought Alfred the Great had a significant impact on England at the time. 




The Year 5 children had the most amazing educational visit to Danelaw Viking village last week as part of their learning journey of Raiders, traders and settlers. They experienced life as a Viking for the day: living in wooden huts, using a quern to make flour, collecting firewood, making clay oil lamps and training to be a Viking soldier. They even had to protect their village from a Saxon invasion! The teachers also got stuck in being the ‘Viking slaves’ (Mr Keighley even got punished for not working hard enough!) The children learnt a huge amount about the difficulties of Viking life and how resourceful they had to be, make sure you ask them all about what they learnt!





In English, the Year 5 children performed a conscience alley. They had to persuade the main character of the story and justify their reasoning. In this case, the character had to decide whether to go down into the mysterious cellar or not! The Year 5s were very convincing!
















In Spanish the Year 5s have started their new topic of ‘Las asignaturas’ (school subjects). They were introduced to the new vocabulary and the feminine and masculine article, then used the iPads to consolidate their learning through interactive games and quizzes. ¡Muy divertido!



















In our topic lessons this week the Year 5 children have been developing their sewing and DT skills. They researched, designed and created a Viking money pouch for King Canute following strict criteria! The pouch had to be hand sewn, hold ten coins and had to have the initials of King Canute on the front in Viking runes.










































In Spanish the Year 5 children completed their final writing piece for their topic of ‘Los pasatiempos’ They created a flip-up book and wrote Spanish sentences about the hobbies they like and don’t like using conjunctions and key vocabulary. ¡Magnífico!











This week Year 5 have learnt about Viking trading. They analysed some trading maps and then they had a go at trading themselves! The children had to barter and trade goods with other groups in order to build settlements in their Viking village!

































In English, the Year 5 children have started a new book, The Song from Somewhere Else by A.F.Harrold. They began exploring the text by sequencing pictures and predicting what the plot may be. They then worked together to highlight the dialogue, discussing how the characters felt through what they said and the description surrounding the dialogue.


























The Viking journey then continued through some curricular writing. The children put themselves in the shoes of the vulnerable Monks at Lindisfarne. They imagined that they had survived the Viking raid and were taken as a slave. They wrote a letter back to their family telling them everything that had happened. From this the children then started to discuss what the Vikings were like as people. They decided to debate! With one team stating that ‘All Vikings were bad’ and the others stating that ‘Some Vikings were good’, the debate was on! The children worked in groups to gather research to support their opinions. They even prepared rebuttal arguments, thinking about what the other team might say!
































The children continued their learning journey of the Vikings by analysing some historical sources to learn more about the first Viking raid. They discussed what the sources showed them and discovered where the Vikings came from, why they targeted Lindisfarne Priory and what sorts of people the Vikings were. They then discussed how reliable these sources were. They learned about ‘bias’ and that we can’t always fully trust sources when they are written from a personal perspective.
























Over the half term holidays the Year 5 children were asked to create a research project on the Vikings. These are just a few examples of the fantastic work that has been brought in. All the children are itching to find out more! A big thank you to all of the families who supported the children with their projects. 







Year 5 Autumn 2 – 2019/2020































The Year 5 children also did some fantastic speaking and listening practise in Spanish. They asked members of the class what they liked to do in their spare time in Spanish and recorded this in a tally. They then wrote sentences based on their findings. ¡Magnífica!























This week, Year 5 have explored a range of properties in materials. They have predicted whether materials are soluble or insoluble and have carried out an investigation on how to separate mixtures and solutions.


















































The Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed their History focused theme of the Anglo-Saxons this half term. After a fantastic final lesson of exploring a historical figure, (Alfred the Great) the children began their next exciting topic of ‘Properties and changes of materials’. They began this Science focus by describing mystery objects. They then grouped the objects according to their properties. In order to do this they linked their knowledge of properties from previous years and then learnt some new Scientific terminology such as permeable, absorbent and translucent.



















On the 10th of October we celebrated World Mental Health day in school. All the children wore yellow clothing and they learnt all about what mental health is. The children discussed that everybody has mental health and they created their own definition for what mental health means.




The Year 5 children also enjoyed their Spanish lesson this week learning about ‘Los pasatiempos’ (hobbies!). They practised their Spanish pronunciation and used their knowledge of the language to spot patterns in new words and phrases. ¡Estupendo!


















The Year 5s were faced with a dilemma in English this week. Through a ‘conscience alley’ activity they had to advise Captain Shackleton on whether he should complete a treacherous journey. They had to use their skills of persuasion and justify their reasoning using evidence from the text. Shackleton then had to make his final decision…






This week the Year 5 children used their fantastic replica Anglo Saxon villages alongside some historical sources to infer what life was like in Anglo Saxon times. From this they have written some fantastic diary entries! Have a look!



In order to learn more about Anglo Saxon life, the children have designed, created and evaluated an Anglo Saxon village which included huts, fires and rivers . They used a range of materials and worked collaboratively.


In English the children have been creating and performing poetry to describe the pack ice that Shackleton faced on his expedition. They also re-enacted the boat being hit by a blizzard!


























This week was also the first ‘Good work assembly’ with 5A showing the rest of Year 5 and 6 all of the amazing work they have produced so far. The children showed their projects, read out some fantastic writing and even showed their videos of their news reports (including bloopers!).


The learning journey of ‘Raiders, traders and settlers’ is continuing in Year 5 with some analysis of primary and secondary sources.


The children have also been able to use their fantastic summer projects to support their learning and display on the learning journey.

Take a look!




Year 5 Autumn 1 – 2019/2020

Year 5 have kick-started their learning journey of the Anglo-Saxons by taking part in a variety of engaging activities! They have analysed historical sources from the past, role-played historical figures and written and performed a TV news report all about the invasion of Britain.

A big thank you to all parents, carers and families that supported their children with their Summer project. It has furthered the children’s learning and the outcomes are fantastic! Pictures to follow.




Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Summer 2 Newsletter

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Year 5 have begun our learning journey on ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases’ in Science – take a look:

We created projects in the half term holiday that fed into our learning in class:

Year 5 made some fantastic projects during our DT day!

Summer 1 Newsletter

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Spring 2 Newsletter

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Year 5 had a fantastic day at Murton Park, learning about the lives of the Anglo-Saxons!

Spring 1 Newsletter

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Take a look at some of the fantastic Anglo-Saxon projects produced by children in Year 5!


Some Year 5 children have made geodes as their half-term project!

Year 5 had an awesome time at Ingleborough Hall last week!

Year 5 have done some fantastic Non-Chronological reports during Black History Month!