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Year 5 Learning Activities

Spring 1- 2021

W/B 18.01.21

Good morning Year 5,

We hope you had a splendid weekend filled with building numerous snowmen and hot drinks! The views were truly whimsical. This week, we have a range of fun, engaging activities for you to complete.  Please follow the timetable below.  We can’t wait to see what you produce!

Year 5 teachers.

W/B 18.01.21- timetable:

Download (DOCX, 32KB)

Maths home learning:

Download (PDF, 3.22MB)

English home learning:

Download (PDF, 5.05MB)

Curriculum home learning:

Download (PDF, 3.47MB)

W/B 11.01.21

Good morning Year 5!

We hope you had a restful weekend.  We have planned lots of fun activities for you to complete this week.  Please follow the timetable attached for each day.  Keep up the fantastic work =).

Year 5 teachers.

Download (DOCX, 32KB)

Download (PPT, 4.67MB)

Download (PPT, 7.21MB)

Download (PPT, 8.91MB)

W/B 04.01.21

Download (PPTX, 13.54MB)

Download (PPTX, 7.95MB)

Download (PPT, 5.61MB)

Autumn 2- 2020/21

W/B 14.12.20

Download (PPTX, 9.72MB)

Download (PPTX, 4.91MB)

Download (PPTX, 2.76MB)

W/B 07.12.20

Download (PPTX, 10.6MB)

Download (PPT, 2.71MB)

Download (PPTX, 3.29MB)

W/B 30.11.20

Download (PPTX, 10.98MB)

Download (PPT, 2.52MB)

Download (PPTX, 8.68MB)

W/B 23.11.20

Download (PPT, 3.87MB)

Download (PPTX, 3.06MB)

Download (PPTX, 9.06MB)

W/B 16.11.20

Download (PPT, 3.15MB)

Download (PPTX, 3.86MB)

Download (PPTX, 2.19MB)

W/B 09.11.20

Download (PPTX, 1.62MB)

Download (PPT, 3.59MB)


W/B 02.11.20

Download (PPTX, 4.58MB)

Download (PPTX, 752KB)

Download (PPTX, 48KB)

Autumn 1- 2020/21

W/B 19.10.20

Download (PPTX, 4.28MB)

Download (PPTX, 597KB)

Download (PPTX, 4.77MB)

W/B 12.10.20

Download (PPTX, 597KB)

Download (PPTX, 4.21MB)

Download (PPTX, 1.07MB)

W/B 05.10.20

Download (PPTX, 771KB)

Download (PPTX, 2.82MB)

W/B 28.09.20

Download (PPTX, 1.97MB)

Download (PPTX, 820KB)

W/B 21.09.20

Download (PPTX, 674KB)

Download (PPTX, 1.39MB)


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