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Year 6 home learning activities




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Spring 2

Over the half term holidays the Year 6 children were asked to create a research project on the circulatory system. These are just a few examples of the fantastic work that has been brought in. All the children are itching to find out more! A big thank you to all of the families who supported the children with their projects.



Today saw the return of the class book box which incorporates: a book selected by the class teacher for the child; a review book and two sachets of hot chocolate.  The children were delighted to be selected!  We look forward to reading their reviews! Watch this space.


New term means one thing in Year 6…new books! The children are over-joyed by the new collection of books in their class libraries.


Spring 1


After several weeks of dance, in PE, the children in have created their own dance taking inspiration from Ertugrul. Clink of the link below to view their fantastic performance:



On Wednesday, four Year 6 children participated in the annual NRICH maths competition. They worked as a team and used their subject knowledge as well as reasoning skills to solve challenging problems.


Last week, the children in Year 6 visited Chester Zoo as part of their English and Science topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about different species of animals, habitats, diets and other interesting facts relating to the animals!



Year 6 have begun their topic of the Tudors, this week the children undertook the role of an archaeologists!  They made some fantastic deductions using the artefacts and even presented their ideas to their classmates.



Autumn 2

Taking inspiration from their topic- from this  term- of the Victorians, the children in Year 6 have produced some spectacular encyclopaedia pages based on the following inventions: the lightbulb, telephone and bicycle.  Have a look at their fantastic work whereby the children have incorporated a range of sentence structures and higher level punctuation!


During Science this week, the children undertook an investigation to identify the effect voltage has on different parts of a circuit.




The children in Year 6 were extremely excited after being introduced to their ‘Class Book Box’ this week.  After a through discussion with the children, we have selected the students that will be taking the box home this week. This allows them to share the book in the comfort of their home with their family.



Year 6 children were investigating division this week and enjoyed using numicon to demonstrate and explain how the method of short division works! There was some great reasoning about remainders. They had a lot of fun too!





The children in Year 6 are thoroughly enjoying their time in dance (PE) this term.  They have focused on: working as part of a group to explore, improvise and combine movement ideas fluently and effectively.  They have also created and structured motifs, phrases, sections and whole dances.  We look forward to seeing what they have in store for their final performance!




This week was also the first ‘Good work assembly’ of the term.  Some of the children in Year 6 showed their amazing work to the  rest of Year 5 and 6. The children showed their projects and read out some fantastic writing they have produced.


Over the half term holidays, the Year 6 children were asked to create a research project in relation to electricity.  These are just a few examples of the exceptional work that has been brought in. All the children are eager to explore the topic further.  We would like to extend our regards to all of the families who supported the children with their projects.

Autumn 1

As promised, below are the fantastic art pieces produced for Black History Month.  Children used a range of colours to express the emotions Rosa Park’s would have felt during the bus ordeal.


In honour of Black History Month, the children in Year 6 have focused on Rosa Parks.  Throughout the week, the children have had various lessons which provided a background of her life as well as the impact she had as a civil rights activist.  They even reenacted the iconic bus event that sparked the Civil Rights movement.  Watch this space for their spectacular art pieces of Rosa Parks.



This term, Year 6 have focused on the Victorian artist-William Morris.  They have spent several lessons learning a range of techniques utilised by the artist.  With this in mind, the children produced a William Morris inspired wallpaper.  Look at their incredible work to see a range of: hatching, cross-hatching, scumbling and stippling!



As part of World Mental Health day, the children came dressed in an item of yellow to support the cause.  Additionally, they engaged in a range of meditation which demonstrated the impacts a healthy mind has on a person.



Year 6 had an amazing time at Beamish and are excited to write up their murder mystery stories. Watch this space!




A big thank you to all parents, carers and families who have supported their children with their summer project based on the Victorians.  It has furthered the children’s learning and the outcomes are fantastic! The children have thoroughly enjoyed following a line of enquiry based on their projects.


Year 6 have been learning all about the Tudors this term. Take a look at the learning journey we have been on:

Year 6 have been reading ‘Rooftoppers’ in class. Take a look at some of the learning we have linked to this book:

Spring 2 Newsletter

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Spring 1 Newsletter

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At the Natural History Museum:

Year 6 had a fantastic time in London for their residential!


Year 6 have been designing and making tie-die and Batik cushions. Look how amazing their work is!