Horton Grange Primary School

Congratulations to Nursery Option 3, Nursery Option 5, 1C and 3A who have achieved 100% attendance this week!

Year 2

We have come back to school eager and ready to learn! We have been learning about the Seven Continents and we are making our own globes to plot the Continents on.


We have also enjoyed our first gymnastics lesson. We tried to move around the apparatus like different animals. Can you spot the monkey or the penguin?

Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Summer 2 Newsletter

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Year 2 have been learning about the use of everyday materials in Science. Take a look at the journey we have been on:


Summer 1 Newsletter

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Spring 2 Newsletter

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Spring 1 Newsletter

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Year 2 had a fantastic time on our visit to Ponderosa!

In Year 2 we have been working very hard and also having lot’s of fun! We have been learning about animals in their habitats this term.