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Please find attached some links to support your child with their home learning today. Please remember that Times Table Rockstars and Bug Club can also be used.

TT Rockstars

Active Learning

To identify one half of a shape

To develop detail in the opening scene


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Year 2 Learning Activities | Horton Grange Primary School | Bradford (hortongrangeacademy.co.uk)

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During black history month the children in year 2 leaned about Mary Seacole. The children researched about why she was important and what she did in society. Here are some children writing about what they know.


The children in year 2 chose two animals that (as a year group) they were going to focus their learning around. The children chose a Snow Leopard and an Eagle. The children have brought some excellent projects back after the half term to kick start our research into a snow leopard and an eagle.

The children have imagined that they are the penguin and the boy and taken part in some role play. This has helped the children to write a recount of the story in first person.

Following on our learning in science we have been on a local area walk to find micro habitats in our local area. This is what we saw…

We had a discussion when we got back to class about what we saw and what kind of animals live there and how they survive.


In English, we have been reading the book Lost and Found. The boy wanted to take the penguin back to his own home. We have used our scientific skills to investigate where a penguin might live by looking at different habitats. We have looked at what a penguin has to survive in different habitats. After our investigation we now know that the penguin from the book Lost and Found could live in Antarctica. From this learning we are now beginning to look at different animals and why they are suited to different habitats.


The children in Year 2 have really enjoyed keeping the beat and creating a new rhythm with the Bamboo Tamboo sticks in their music lessons.


Take a look at the journey we have been on in our Geography lessons.

We then wanted to know why we painted our globes blue so we began to learn about the 5 Oceans.

We have used the Atlas to plot the continents onto our globes using our geographical skill. We carefully plotted the Continents in the right places.


We have come back to school eager and ready to learn! We have been learning about the Seven Continents and we are making our own globes to plot the Continents on.


We have also enjoyed our first gymnastics lesson. We tried to move around the apparatus like different animals. Can you spot the monkey or the penguin?

Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Summer 2 Newsletter

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Year 2 have been learning about the use of everyday materials in Science. Take a look at the journey we have been on:


Summer 1 Newsletter

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Spring 2 Newsletter

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Spring 1 Newsletter

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Year 2 had a fantastic time on our visit to Ponderosa!

In Year 2 we have been working very hard and also having lot’s of fun! We have been learning about animals in their habitats this term.