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Year 1

Year 1 Newsletter 2023-2024 Autumn 1


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Welcome Presentation Year 1

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Year 1 Newsletter Spring 1

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Year 1 Newsletter Autumn 2

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Year 1 Newsletter Autumn 1

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Spring 1 Newsletter

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This week we have looking at seasonal changes and how the weather changes in the different season. We focused on Autumn and Winter. We discussed Autumn and Winter colours and what we see during each season. Then we used different techniques with paint to create our own Art work. We hope you like them.


Today we made snowmen to decorate the Christmas tree in school. Look out for pictures of us putting the decorations onto the tree.

The children in Year 1 have been naming, sorting and describing different materials. We have used different adjectives to describe the properties of materials.

Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Autumn 1 Newsletter

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The children have been learning the skill of throwing and catching in PE. They enjoyed playing ‘fill the kit bag game’ with the Bradford City Coaches.


We enjoyed an inspirational talk from David Wilford our community champion from Bradford!

The children had an amazing time learning about the similarities and difference between religions. They enjoyed listening to the Imam at the Bradford Islamic Centre.

The  children had a toy visitor into school. They dressed as Victorian children and explored the mechanisms and designs of old toys.

Mr Taylor and the Year 1 children have really enjoyed Australia Day!

We have been thinking about how Beegu might be feeling at different points in the story. The children have taken on a hot seating role of Beegu whilst other asked questions.

In  we had some explore learning maths workshops looking at problem solving and reasoning. They had so much fun!


The children have been using algorithms to move the Bee-Bots in different directions.


In P.E the  children have been working with the Bradford City Coaches, looking at different ways of moving around the hall. They managed to move in 12 different ways!

After the spaceship crashed into the playground. The children in have been exploring the book Beegu in English. They have been discussing who they think Beegu is and where she has come from.


Something has landed in the playground! I wonder what it could be?

In RE the children have been learning about the significance of Christingles for Christians. They learned this through role play with members of the congregation of St Winifred’s church, who were really impressed with the questioning from the children.

The Tutor Mate tutors travelled from Leeds to meet the children face to face. The children had an amazing time!


The  children have been learning about what it would have been like to be a Victorian child. They have been taking on different roles and discussing their working conditions using hot seating. The children have then written a diary entry on how they are feeling.


The  children have been learning about the artist David Hockney. The children really enjoyed looking at his art work in Salts Mill gallery. They have used oil pastels to re-create the other half of his landscapes.

The children had an amazing time explore Saltaire. They used their picture maps to locate the landmarks we had been learning about in History and Geography. The children were able to recognise Salts Mill and the streets named after Sir Titus Salt’s children.

The children have loved eating their lunch on the golden table! They even had Pudsey bear biscuits!

The children have been learning about Remembrance Day. We discussed the importance of the poppies and made our own using various materials

The children are really enjoying the Tutor Mate programme. They are reading a variety of text with their tutor and accessing challenging phonetic games.

The children  have started their new topic of Saltaire. They have designs and made models of Salts Mill using a range of materials such as lego, playdough, drawing and painting.

The children in Year 1 have been learning about Mary Seacole as part of Black History Month. They have been looking at the herbal remedies she used to use to treat the injured soldiers. The children have been making some of their own, safe to say they were not impressed!

Year 1 had their first Raving Readers Assembly today! Lots of children have read 25 or 50 times so far this year. These children go to choose a prize of a badge or a book mark. Well done Year 1

The children have received their first phone calls on Tutor Mate this week. The children have loved playing the reading games and reading the stories with the Tutor Mate friends!


The children loved performing their Diwali assembly to parents/carers. They have grown in confidence and have now blossomed into fabulous singers!

The year 1 children have made salt dough to create their own Diva lamps. They measure the ingredients using scales, mixed it together then shape their Diva using their fingers!





Year 1 have explored the grounds of their school, looking at the effects of seasonal changes to plants and trees in their environment.

Year 1 have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. They have been making some Mandala patterns. The have used paint, oil pastels and chalk to create their patterns.


Year 1 have really enjoyed practical maths, making number bonds to 10!

Year 1 had so much fun on their local area walk! We saw lots of shops, restaurants, mosques, churches and houses.

Year 1 have really enjoyed looking at and drawing the features of their faces.


Autumn 1 Newsletter

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Summer 2 Newsletter

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Year 1 have loved learning about and caring for our own plants this term. Take a look at some of the things we have learnt:

Year 1 have been learning about Rosa Parks this term. Take a look a the learning journey we have been on:

Year 1 were visited by Sue Dyde, who is a writer, actor & singer. She read the story ‘My Dad’ to the children using lots of expression, actions and character voices. The children had a fantastic time and learned all about her profession.


Summer 1 Newsletter

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Spring 2 Newsletter

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Spring 1 Newsletter

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Year 1 did a fantastic Diwali assembly this week. We hope you enjoyed watching it!


Look at some of the amazing project produced by Year 1 children over the half term holiday!

Year 1 have been doing some fantastic self-portraits this half term.