Horton Grange Primary School

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Horton Grange Library


junior-librarian-300x225Did you know you can visit the library from home? On the library website you can search the library to see if we’ve got your favourite books, read the blurbs and read book reviews to help you choose your next book. You can even watch videos about the books and their authors. If you want to write your own book review you’ll need to log in, for that you’ll need to get your PIN from Mrs Moor.


pic1Did you know we have newspapers in the library now too? First News is a newspaper specially written for children, full of up to date news stories, jokes and puzzles. They’re great to share and you can take them home just like the library books. We get a new newspaper delivered every Friday.

The library is open from 8:15 every morning except Friday. This is a great chance for you to swap your

pic2book, start the day with some quiet reading or get some time on the laptops. Meet at the main office at 8:15.

Games Club

The library games club is really popular, we’ve played loads of different games, some classics and some new ones. We have even played some tournaments with prizes and certificates. There is a games club every term so look out for letters so that you can join up. You can also play with the library games if you come at 8:15.


Library Club

This club is a great chance for anyone to come up to the library and do whatever you want in the space – play games, read and swap books, use the laptops or just come and talk about books. Library club runs after school on Tuesday, you’ll need to get a permission slip from Mrs Moor.

Debate Club

Our school debate team meet in the library. We discuss lots of different topics – some serious, some silly – and learn how to structure a speech to convince people to agree with us, we play lots of games to get our brains working and practice quick thinking. The debate club compete against other teams in the Exceed group and keep getting better and better. Debate club is open to years 5 and 6.